FRIDAY, FEB 23, 2018

8:00 AM

5Sigma Education Conference
The 5Sigma Edu Conference is a place to learn with world-changing thinkers and innovators within the education community. 5 Sigma is a declaration of discovery. In science, it is used as a measure of confidence in a result. At Anastasis Academy, we are in a continual process of discovery. We call our education conference 5 Sigma because that is what we hope for, declarations of discovery. ‚Äč Please join us February 23-25, 2018 as we gather at Anastasis Academy to reignite passion and imagination with this three-day gathering of innovative educators. 5 Sigma goes beyond the typical how-to sessions; we host conversations where educators come together to learn, iterate, and launch. See multilevel inquiry classrooms in action, learn how to apply the inquiry model to any classroom setting, see what a 1:1 technology environment does for student learning, learn more about alternative assessment practices we employ, find out how to meet the needs of diverse learners, hear about some of the challenges of transforming education, learn how to teach students to operate in an open learning environment without telling them how, see online learning tools that will transform the way you think about using technology in the classroom, see how virtual learning works (even with very young students!), explore your inner artist and storyteller, learn from a master mentor, and much more! 5 Sigma is like no conference that you've ever been to!

Feb. 23, 8:00 AM to Feb. 25, 4:00 PM


Anastasis Academy - 6495 S Colorado Blvd. Centennial, CO 80121


Kelly Tenkely