TUESDAY, APR 11, 2017

6:30 PM

ADD/ADHD Roundtable for Parents and Students
Please Join Evolved Education for a Panel Discussion especially for Parents of Students and Students with ADD/ADHD on Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30-8:00pm at Zaniac Upper East. Please get your free ticket here: addadhdroundtable.eventbrite.com The panel will explore common questions parents and students have about ADD/ADHD, including any of the following: 1) What is the best advice you can give to a parent who has just learned his or her child has an ADHD/ADD diagnosis? 2) What treatment do you have experience with and how has it been effective for your clients or within your personal life? 3) I've just learned that my child has an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, what hope can you provide me? 4) What are the best ways to partner with my child's school when he or she has ADD/ADHD? 5) I’m scared. What do I do if I too have ADD and don’t feel as if I have the skills to help my child? 6) I feel guilty. Is this my fault? Did I do something wrong? 7) My husband thinks this is all in my head and doesn’t want to deal with this whole thing. What should I do? 8) Is ADHD hereditary? And you will have an opportunity to ask your own questions to our esteemed panel of experts! On our panel includes: Nancy Snell CPC, PCC Certified Adult ADHD/ Business Coach I am the proud parent of a grown ADHD daughter ( now a Mommy and business rock star herself) who was diagnosed while in 2nd grade, the wife and partner of an ADHD husband of 33 years and a successful business professional and entrepreneur with ADHD myself; working in the field for almost 15 years. My message is: If I can do it.....so can you! Devon MacEachron, PhD Devon MacEachron is a licensed psychologist in private practice on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She conducts neuropsych assessments focused on uncovering each student’s complete profile of strengths and weaknesses as a learner in order to provide a strategic learning plan to develop strengths, interests, and goals, as well as remediate and accommodate weaker skills. She is especially knowledgeable about twice-exceptional and gifted learners whose strengths may camouflage their weaknesses, resulting in performance below the student’s true potential. She blogs about giftedness, twice-exceptionality, being “wired differently,” the strengths associated with learning differences and achievement. Deanna Hyslop, MS, BCBA, LBA-NY Child Behavior Specialist Deanna Hyslop is a New York State licensed and board certified behavior analyst and child behavior specialist. She assesses and treats learning, behavior, social and emotion regulation skills of children and adolescents in an effort to emphasize their unique strengths and promote independence. Deanna provides coaching for children with ADHD and children who experience difficulties with executive functioning, emotion regulation and learning, as well as applied behavioral analytic services for children with autism spectrum disorder. She is also a certified provider of the UCLA-Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills and provides parent-assisted social skills treatment for children and young adults who face social difficulties. Deanna is further advancing her training in ADHD interventions by obtaining the Advanced and Family Program certifications (plural?) at the ADD Coach Academy. She is also the co-author of the student guidebook Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators. Deanna endeavors to bridge the gap between education and psychology, or learning and well-being. She combines principles of the behavioral sciences within a whole child approach to create balanced and individualized plans. Deanna believes parents and practitioners must teach children the skills necessary to cope with areas of challenge while also promoting each child’s strengths.

Apr. 11, 6:30 PM to May. 17, 8:00 PM


Zaniac Upper East 261 East 78th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10021


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