5:00 PM

Beyond Diversity: The Path Towards Racial Equity at East Harlem Scholars Academies
Join us for a special event “Beyond Diversity: The Path Towards Racial Equity at East Harlem Scholars Academies” on Thursday, June 7th at 5:00 p.m. to hear about how and why we are so invested in social justice and racial equity and lessons we continue to learn along the way. This event is focused on broader organizational strategies and implementation and is, therefore, most applicable to executives, school- and systems-level leaders. We hope you will join the conversation. The session will: Discuss strategies to support an organizational culture that embodies racial equity Hear insights from our senior leaders about our progress and challenges Learn about why we employ restorative practices and how the model connects to our mission Connect with other leaders committed to ensuring racial equity in schools and other non-profits. At Scholars Academies we're committed to Racial Equity and Restorative Practices in the classroom. You can learn more about our Equity Statement and progress towards becoming an Anti-Racist organization, and you can learn more about our network of community-based charter schools here:

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