MONDAY, JUL 24, 2017

10:00 AM

Blended Learning Roadmap Announcement
Colorado Empowered Learning and education policy leaders will unveil a statewide roadmap to help Colorado educators, district leaders, and policymakers support and expand the use of blended learning. The Colorado General Assembly and Governor’s Office commissioned this statewide blended learning roadmap through House Bill 16-1222. The roadmap will identify strategies for educators, state lawmakers, and others to act to expand the availability of blended learning and increase enrollment in effective, affordable supplemental education options. The roadmap also will lay out a series of priority areas for action at the local and statewide levels, including human capital, policy and funding, and technology and digital resources. Troy Lange, director of Colorado Empowered Learning; Judy Perez, CEO and founder of the iLearn Collaborative; and Val Flores, Colorado State Board of Education, will speak at the event.

Jul. 24, 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM


Colorado Department of Education, State Boardroom, 201 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO


Mike Saccone