FRIDAY, NOV 9, 2018

8:00 AM

Building Resilient Classrooms: SEL Institute
This two-day institute is designed to support educators in successfully implementing strategies and practices that help to develop the skills necessary to maintain and improve social-emotional health, both in and out of the classroom. Participants will engage in social-emotional practices of self-management and relationship building techniques, including: Teacher self-care: stress management, building empathy, establishing positive relationships Student self-care: identifying emotions, communication and self-regulation skills Participants of the institute will leave with: 1) Deep understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of stress and the ways SEL and mindfulness can positively impact their students and themselves 2) Curricular tools that they can apply in their classrooms to help students develop into socially and emotionally aware young people who thrive in academic and social environments 3) A better understanding of how to deal with students and families in crisis and cope with vicarious trauma Who Should Attend This Institute? Educators at all levels of education, from teachers to admin Instructional coaches Those responsible for hiring and maintaining talent Counselors SEL and Mindfulness Advisors looking for something different Schools on the cutting edge of innovation in education Key Content: Developing calming strategies to use in the classroom Identifying ways to handle stress or trauma Explain the physiological and biological responses to prolonged stress and how to alleviate negative impacts Register:

Nov. 9, 8:00 AM to Nov. 10, 4:00 PM


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Early Bird Pricing Available Until 10/1 $295