Monday, Sep 18, 2017

6:00 PM

Education Equity Panel, Memphis

Panelists: Terri Freeman, Daniel Kiel, Charles McKinney

Over 150 years ago, public education began in Memphis and Shelby County. When we look out over that history, we can see the foundations for challenges and opportunities we face now in providing quality education to all the children of our community. To address the theme of the MLK50 Commemoration, Where do we go from here?, we must know where we have been. A walk through the history of Memphis education finds segregation, Brown v. Board, Black Mondays, court ordered busing, the Memphis 13, growth of private schools, creation of optional schools, merger, demerger, and more. This first discussion in the Memphis Educational Equity Learning Series centers on understanding the important milestones of our long public education history and how they relate to today.

More about the Memphis Educational Equity Learning Series:

This series is meant to provide a solid base of understanding of education issues to help Memphians feel better prepared to tackle the challenges we face, and develop a united course of action as we work together to determine where we go from here to drive progress for our students. We will bring together panelists who provide both a deep knowledge of the subject areas and the ability to connect history, data, and context that identify current and future challenges and solutions.


Sep. 18, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Ford Motor Company Theater National Civil Rights Museum 450 Mulberry St. Memphis, TN 38103


Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition, Stand for Children, MLK50