Register now for a FREE Webinar hosted by Move This World, a global organization that provides training and classroom tools for educators to cultivate social and emotional well-being for themselves and their communities.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, March 1st at 3pm and will provide an experiential demonstration of Move This World’s Virtual Tools for the classroom (more info below!!).


Have questions? Contact Cameron Wade, US Program Manager at or (919)599-1209.

Move This World Virtual Tools for Emotional Wellness comprise an online library of developmentally aligned, grade-level specific video tools to seamlessly and holistically integrate social-emotional learning into students’ instructional day. Led by our Move This World virtual facilitators, each video coaches students and educators through creative, evidence-based exercises and daily rituals designed to cultivate mindfulness, promote self-awareness, communicate strategies for emotional self-management and develop social-emotional intelligence. MTW Virtual Tools are sequentially scaffolded and carefully prescribed to roll out over the course of the school year as students and staff build their skills and familiarity with social-emotional learning, concepts and practices. Each tool is supported by corresponding implementation guides and classroom posters to provide teachers with a practical and accessible bridge for embedding Social-Emotional Learning into their instructional day, with no additional prep time required. Move This World Virtual Tools make Social-Emotional Learning in every classroom as easy as pressing “play.”