SATURDAY, NOV 12, 2016

4:00 PM

“Oyler: One School, One Year” Documentary Screening
OYLER: One School, One Year, a documentary film by Amy Scott, will have its New York City premiere on Saturday, November 12, at UnionDocs in Brooklyn. Based on the Gracie Award-winning Marketplace public radio series “One School, One Year,” OYLER tells the story of a Cincinnati public school fighting to break the cycle of poverty in its traditionally Urban Appalachian neighborhood, by combining academic, health, and social services under one roof. The Oyler School model is catching on around the country and in New York, where the de Blasio Administration has invested in more than 100 community schools. But does it work to close the achievement gap between rich and poor? At a time of growing inequality in our society, OYLER is a vital contribution the national conversation about how to fix—and assess—our ailing public schools. Free screening followed by a Q&A discussion with director Amy Scott and documentary subjects Craig Hockenberry and Raven Gribbins.

Nov. 12, 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


UnionDocs, 322 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Broken Top Productions


Free (tickets via