THURSDAY, NOV 10, 2016

2:45 PM

Pike Teachers Go Back to Class for Inaugural Teacher TechConnect event
Pike Township teachers will join local technology company leaders for the inaugural Teacher TechConnect gathering at Pike High School’s Freshman Center. The event is designed to help close a talent gap by helping teachers bring tech into the classroom and to better equip them to guide students of all abilities into the careers of tomorrow.
  • The U.S. high-tech software and services jobs sector is outpacing all other sectors, growing at 34.4 percent — Central Indiana ranks 8th in the nation.
  • Indiana workforce experts predict demand for tech employees will continue to exceed supply.
  • Technology jobs are currently being created faster than they can be integrated into elementary and high school curricula.
  • Workforce experts say 65 percent of today’s schoolchildren will be employed in jobs that have yet to be created.
“Only by working together can businesses and educators solve the technology talent gap problem,” said Jeff Ton, Bluelock executive vice president of Product and Service Development. “The Teacher TechConnect collaboration breaks down the wall between business and the classroom and creates an ongoing, mutually beneficial conversation to fill the talent pipeline with qualified candidates.” The event is a joint venture led by Bluelock, Pike Youth Career Connect, TechPoint Foundation for Youth and Angie’s List.

Nov. 10, 2:45 PM to 5:15 PM


Pike Freshman Center Cafeteria, 6801 Zionsville Road


Meghan Matheny