MONDAY, JUN 5, 2017

12:00 PM

Summer Math Camp, Memphis
Memphis Math Tutors will hold a Summer Math Camp from June 5th 2017 to June 23rd. The 2-hour camp will be held each day of the week, with a different math subject each day. Summer is the best time to study math because there is no school pressure, no tests, and no deadlines. The camp is designed to provide an easy and leisurely class where students can learn math without the pressures of deadlines and mid-terms or finals. All registrations can be completed online only at For more information, please visit

Jun. 5, 12:00 PM to Jun. 23, 2:00 PM


Dunkin Donuts Shop at 1540 Union in Memphis


Memphis Math Tutors


$ 450.00 per attending student (includes all academic materials)