Thursday, Jan 1, 1970

12:00 AM

Teaching Food and Nutrition for All

What your students eat impacts their concentration and health, as well as social justice and the natural environment. Yet teaching about food and nutrition can seem complicated. This course gives you the tools and confidence to bring this topic to life in your classroom.

What is Teaching Food & Nutrition for All? This course begins by exploring our personal relationships with food, healthy eating, and our memories — good and bad — of school lunch. Then, we investigate the challenges of our current food supply and why education about food and nutrition is essential for today’s students, who will become tomorrow’s adults facing crucial decisions about how we produce and consume food in our changing world. We review enough “nutrition 101” to help you feel comfortable teaching nutrition.

Throughout this course, we demonstrate activities, share resources, and provide curricula for education about food, which can take many forms: school gardens, cooking, science, health, literacy, art, fieldtrips, cafeteria tastings, and more. This course ends with step-by-step guidance for creating your own food and nutrition education plan that will be ready to go for the new school year.


Online (asynchronous)


Continuing Professional Studies



Early Bird Fee (by Feb. 1, 2019): $295. Registration Fee (after Feb. 1, 2019): $395.