Do you wish you could find something meaningful to do with your child’s artwork because the front of your refrigerator cannot withstand the load of one more painting? Do you wish you had a fun and engaging way to teach your child how to be empathetic and compassionate when people they care about are struggling? If you answered “YES!” to either of these questions, join Dr. Erin Willer for this hands-on workshop. You will learn strategies for how to talk with your children about difficult topics—death, illness, injustice—while at the same helping them develop empathy skills through the creation of beautiful upcycled art that can be shared with others. You do not need to be “good at art” to participate!

About the Speaker:
Dr. Erin Willer is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and the Faculty Director of the Wellness Living and Learning Community at the University of Denver. She has led narrative and arts-based workshops on empathy, compassion, and grief for those in Elementary through retirement, including serving as MAC’s Artist in Residence in the spring of 2019.