🔗CNBC video interview with Ann Cooper

Check out this video with EdNews Parent expert and “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper, who runs nutritional services in our very own Boulder Valley schools. And wait, there’s more! See item below.

"Renegade lunch lady" Ann Cooper with elementary age girls at a school salad bar.
"Renegade lunch lady" Ann Cooper with elementary age girls at a school salad bar.

A conversation with Ann Cooper, renegade lunch lady

Between greasy mystery meat and vending machine candy, most school cafeterias don’t have a reputation for wholesome food. But if chef Ann Cooper has her way, that’s going to change. A leading advocate for school food reform, Cooper is known as the “Renegade Lunch Lady,” and she’s helping schools nationwide ditch the French fries in favor of farm-fresh meals. Check out this interview in the Atlantic.

🔗Parenting style may affect child’s mental health

Matching your parenting style to your child’s personality can greatly reduce the youngster’s risk of depression and anxiety, researchers say. Read more in HealthDay News.

🔗Obesity epidemic fueled by fast food

The obesity epidemic is being fueled still further by a growing trend among kids to eat out and bring takeout food home, University of North Carolina researchers say. 
Experts say much of the foods children eat outside the home comes from prepared meals sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as fast food restaurants. Read more in USA Today.

🔗Webinar planned on new physical activity goals in Colo. schools

Join LiveWell Colorado for a free webinar called “Physical Activity in Schools: Resources and Case Studies to Implement HB11-1069.” Earlier this year, Governor Hickenlooper signed HB11-1069, legislation that requires all Colorado public elementary schools to provide students the opportunity for 600 minutes of physical activity per month (approximately 30 minutes a day) starting with the 2011-2012 school year. 

This webinar, which will be held Tuesday, Aug. 16, from 8 to 9 a.m., is designed to provide case studies and resources to support schools, parents and other stakeholders in meeting and exceeding this requirement by integrating quality physical activity into the school day and school culture. Speakers from the Colorado Legacy Foundation and a variety of school districts will highlight their successful physical education and physical activity efforts. Participants will have the opportunity for Q&A at the end of the webinar. Register now.

🔗Countdown to lunch: School meals getting dose of ‘stealth health’

Whatever you do, don’t let your school-age children see this story.

They might freak out and text their friends if they discovered that Aurora’s two school lunch leaders are planning on sneaking vegetables into everything they eat from cookies to spaghetti sauce and even mac-n-cheese. Read more in the Aurora Sentinel.

🔗School obesity-prevention curriculum can reduce medical costs

Teaching middle-school children about nutrition and exercise and encouraging them to watch less TV can save the health care system a substantial amount of money, suggests an economic analysis from Children’s Hospital Boston and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more on the PR Newswire.

🔗Helping kids pack healthy meals, make healthy choices in the lunch line

Good teachers know that the best way to keep their students engaged is to make the subject matter interesting.

The same could be said for parents trying to instill in their children healthy eating habits, starting with their back-to-school lunchbox. Check out this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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