Bullying may result in lower test scores

Prevalence of bullying on campus may hurt high-school student test performance, U.S. researchers suggest. Read more at UPI.

Back-to-school time means be wary of gadget theft

Girl on computer.

With school just around the corner, students are stocking up on the newest, coolest gadgets. But the Better Business Bureau is advising them to be aware of potential theft.

Stolen devices — such as laptops and iPhones — can lead to identity theft and hacking, in addition to the monetary loss. Students tend to have a “false sense of security at school and often leave their items vulnerable to theft,” according to the bureau. Read more in the Daily Camera.

Parents need to talk to their child about school bus safety

“As children begin preparing to return to school, it’s important for parents and children to go over school bus safety tips together,” says Susan Laurence, injury prevention coordinator, Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “This will help ensure a safe, enjoyable start to the school year for everyone.” Read more in HealthNewsDigest.

Smartphone apps to protect your kids

During the summer between third and fourth grade, my parents gave me permission to ride my bike anywhere in town, unsupervised. As long as I told someone I was going for a bike ride, I had total freedom to ride to the pool, to the ball field, to my grandmother’s house. Read more at MSNBC.

How parents can curb teens’ risky online activity

Where would most of us be without our computers? Totally lost, probably.

We depend on our computers for work and play. The computer is where we shop, where we bank, where we store the addresses for our holiday greeting-card mailings, and so on.

Yet despite being so dependent on computers, many users still shrug off the need to be vigilant about security and potential threats. Read more at MSNBC.

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