Candidates for the DPS Board now know in what order they’ll appear on the November ballot.

Denver Elections officials determined the ballot order Wednesday afternoon by drawing names as several candidates looked on. Ballots will be sent out to voters during the week of October 15th.

Those present included Rosemary Rodriguez for District 2, Meg Schomp for District 3, Roger Kilgore for District 4 and Michael Kiley for the at-large position. Representatives for Rosario C de Vaca were also present.

Here is the order of the ballot as it will appear this November:


1) Barbara O’Brien

2) Michael Kiley

3) Joan Poston


District 2

1) Rosario C de Baca

2) Rosemary Rodriguez


District 3

1) Mike Johnson

2) Meg Schomp


District 4

1) Landri Taylor

2) Roger Kilgore