Rise & Shine: Teachers tell the board students and staff were traumatized after incident at Aurora West

Last night at an Aurora school board meeting, the district presented a new agreement to allow the Vega charter school to remain open, as the State Board requested last month. Aurora board members were hesitant but said they were thinking of the students as they gave the charter school another chance.

In two stories below you'll also see the focus on requests for more mental health services for students following different tragic incidents. The Aurora Sentinel has a story on the voices from staff at Aurora West, where teachers say several students have lost all trust in adults after one of their deans brought a gun to school and their principal failed to respond appropriately. At that board meeting, students from other schools also joined in the request asking the board to consider less police force, and more counselors instead.

And Colorado Public Radio has a story about the students who spoke Monday to the Douglas County commissioners following the STEM school shooting.

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— Yesenia Robles, reporter

REVERSAL The Aurora school board approved a corrective action plan to allow Vega Collegiate Academy to stay open, reversing their decision to close the school. Chalkbeat

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BROKEN TRUST At a packed Aurora school board meeting Tuesday, several Aurora West College Preparatory Academy staff described a horrific aftermath of an April incident that they say left traumatized students and staff. Aurora Sentinel

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