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Rise & Shine: Do tax breaks for Ford spell trouble for Detroit kids?

Good morning! Welcome to February, and to yet another snow day in Detroit. I know my child was thrilled to learn last night that she’d be getting another day off from school today, but I think I speak for many Detroit parents when I say OH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! Nothing swells a parent’s appreciation for her children’s teachers quite like spending five days stuck inside with the family.

Still, the news marches on. While we wait for our regularly scheduled school year to resume, now is a good time to catch up on the latest education headlines. Among the highlights is Koby’s look at whether the tax breaks flowing to Ford Motor Co. for its celebrated renovation of the Michigan Central Station will hurt city schools. Some Detroit school leaders are worried they will, but as Koby notes, the issue is complicated.

Also, check out this story from our Colorado bureau about a veteran-turned-teacher who says he’s found the military mindset to be useful in the classroom. The story is part of our How I Teach series in which we ask educators who’ve been recognized for their work how they approach their jobs. If you know a teacher in Detroit who’d be great for a future How I Teach, please let us know.

Stay warm everyone — and have a great weekend!

— Erin Einhorn, Bureau Chief

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