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Rise & Shine: Honoring the legacy of Detroit’s lost schools

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I was out with my family a few weeks ago in the suburban community where I grew up when I decided to take my children on an impromptu tour of my childhood — the house where I grew up, the local public library, the neighborhood school.

“See there,” I told my kids as we pulled up next to the playground in front the school. “That’s where mommy used to play when she was your age.”

It was a fun day that I didn’t give much thought to at the time. But reading Lori’s story yesterday about the sale of an iconic high school building reminded me how much special moments like the one I was able to share with my children aren’t possible for many native Detroiters. Far too many playgrounds, community centers and schools have closed their doors, turning into blighted eyesores, or empty, grassy fields.

That’s why it’s nice to see school board members thinking about ways to preserve parts of Detroit’s history as they sell off buildings they don’t need any more. They called for the giant blue “K” that has stood sentry outside the decaying former Kettering high school to stay, even when the land itself is used for something else. One board member said she would push the district to look for every opportunity when selling property to “repurpose and honor what was there before.”

Scroll down for that story and the rest of this morning’s headlines. But before you do, we have a quick favor to ask: We’re looking for retiring teachers to feature in an upcoming Q&A series and we need your help finding them. If you’re retiring this year after a long career in education, we’d love to connect. Just leave your contact information here and we’ll be in touch. And if you know someone else who fits the bill, please forward this newsletter. Thanks — and thanks for reading!

— Erin Einhorn, Bureau Chief

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KETTERING The Detroit school district plans to sell Kettering High School and another vacant school building for $2.6 million — money the district could use to address the more than $500 million repair bill it faces on its existing buildings. Chalkbeat

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RIGHT TO READ A newspaper editorial board backs Whitmer’s opposition to a federal right-to-read lawsuit, saying the courts aren’t the place to address problems with literacy in Detroit. The Detroit News

GROSSE POINTE A vote on school closures in a suburban school district has been postponed. The Detroit News