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Rise & Shine: Librarians are disappearing from Michigan schools

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When I was a child, my big sister and I would often walk a mile each way to get to the library closest to our home on Chicago’s southeast side. Sometimes, we would hop on a CTA bus, then transfer to another, just to get to the much bigger, better library near our aunt Elaine’s neighborhood. And when I was in high school, I spent many of my freshmen lunch periods in the school library.

So I can’t imagine a world for a kid growing up that doesn’t include easy access to a library — or a librarian. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Michigan. Koby’s story delves into data that shows few schools in the state have a certified librarian.

Here’s a key stat in his story: The number of certified librarians in Michigan has declined 73% from 2000 to 2016. 

You can read Koby’s story here. 

Meanwhile, a bit of news for our readers: This week, I officially took on a new role as the bureau chief at Chalkbeat Detroit. This represents a new chapter in my career as I get to oversee coverage of a subject I've been passionate about for well over two decades. There's no better tale to tell than the story of education, particularly in this city. And I'm committed to continuing to bring you the impactful stories that have been Chalkbeat Detroit's strength since this bureau was launched.

For more about me, you can read the introductory post I wrote last year when I joined the team after a nearly 19-year stint covering education at the Detroit Free Press.

And please, reach out to me. Tell me what kind of stories you want to read in Chalkbeat Detroit. What events should we attend? What are we getting right? What can we improve? I want to hear it all! My email is lhiggins@chalkbeat.org. You can find me on Twitter @LoriAHiggins and on Facebook @higginsloria.

One last note: With my new role, we'll now be on the hunt for another reporter to join our outstanding team, which includes Koby Levin, who writes about Detroit schools with a focus on charter schools and choice; and Julie Topping, our story editor. If you know someone we should consider, please drop me a line.

Keep reading below for more education news. Have a great weekend!

— Lori Higgins, bureau chief


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