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Rise & Shine: Is your Detroit school getting a new principal?

Good morning!

Anyone who has ever made an unplanned visit to the principal’s office (me included) knows that the leader of a school holds a lot of power. And discipline isn't the only critical task that falls to principals, from supporting teachers to shaping a school’s culture.

That’s why the departure of 16 principals from the Detroit Public Schools Community District is so significant. Lori has the story, plus a list of schools that will get new leaders.

Also, don’t miss my interview with Joel Hockin, a science teacher with a flair for unusual classroom experiments.

The weekend’s education headlines follow. Thanks for reading, as always.

— Koby Levin, reporter

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TOP TEACHER Joel Hockin, an eighth-grade science teacher in Detroit, was named the Michigan charter school teacher of the year. Here are some of the lessons he’s learned about teaching. Chalkbeat

NEW PRINCIPALS Sixteen Detroit district schools will have new principals this fall after their leaders resigned. Chalkbeat

BABY BISHOP An evaluation used in Flint during that city’s water crisis could help children in New York City who’ve been exposed to lead. Chalkbeat

ON TRACK? After two years and a long list of policy changes, Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says the Detroit school district is better off than when he started — and on track to hit some ambitious goals. Detroit Free Press

FINISHING UP Helping non-traditional college students finish their degree is a top priority for Michigan’s governor. It’s easier said than done, as older students, struggle to balance schoolwork with work and other responsibilities. Detroit Free Press

MICHAEL RICE A conservative editorial board argues that Michigan’s new state superintendent should focus on effectively implementing school policies, not on lobbying the legislature for the ones he prefers. The Detroit News

MORE DAYS Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that forgives districts for weather-related cancellations during a period of extreme cold and snow. The new law applies to districts that went over the legal limit of snow days because of this year’s polar vortex. Michigan Radio Fox 2 Detroit Free Press Local 4

SHARED TIME Michigan has long allowed public and private schools to share certain teachers. The program, which survived a court challenge in the 1980s, has proven attractive to some cash-strapped districts during a period of stagnant school funding. Detroit Free Press

GETTING ALONG Historically competitive, Michigan’s district and charter sectors are now getting along, argue two charter advocates. They’d like to see an end to policy debates that pit the two sides against each other. The Detroit News

RACIAL SPLIT A poll finds that Black and Latino Democratic voters are more likely to support charter schools than white Democrats. The 74

FREE CARDIAC SCREENINGS A local hospital is offering free heart screenings to high schoolers in Detroit. WXYZ

FALSE ALARM A 13-year-old Detroit student with special needs was arrested after pulling the fire alarm in his school. WXYZ