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Rise & Shine: What Whitmer’s budget proposal means for Michigan preschoolers

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s education spending plan has already made waves because she wants to increase funding for some of the students who are the most costly to educate, such as low-income and special education students.

But what about the youngest children in the state?

Koby’s story provides an overview of Whitmer’s plan to increase access to the state’s free pre-kindergarten program, pay the operators of the programs more money per student, and increase the pay for workers in the program.

The story also looks at what Whitmer’s proposal could mean for Mayor Mike Duggan’s push for universal pre-kindergarten programs in Detroit.

Speaking of Duggan, Koby covered the mayor’s State of the City speech earlier this week and has this piece about how little attention was paid to education issues in the address.

Scroll down for more Michigan and Detroit education news, including MLive’s reporting on a roundtable chat they sponsored with Whitmer in which she vowed to end Michigan’s “destructive” third-grade reading law.

— Lori Higgins, senior reporter

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