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Rise & Shine: Why Michigan blocks high school students from earning more college credits

In her State of the State address the other night, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talked about Michigan’s urgent need to help more high school grads earn a college degree.

But, as Koby reported yesterday, state law is making it tough for high schools to offer the popular dual enrollment programs that are a key tool in other states to help students earn college credit. Among other things, Michigan puts unusually strict limits on dual enrollment, capping the number of college courses students can take while attending high school at 10.

Scroll down for more on that story and the rest of this morning's local education headlines. Plus, get the latest on the teacher’s strike in Denver. Our colleagues at Chalkbeat Colorado have been all over that story.

Have a great weekend everyone. And if you’re off next week for mid-winter break, enjoy!

— Erin Einhorn, Bureau Chief

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DUAL ENROLLMENT Restrictions on dual enrollment programs means Michigan students can’t earn an associate degree while still in high school. In other states, they can. Chalkbeat

POLICE New research suggests that when schools beef up security to prevent things like school shootings, they make schools less conducive to learning— and make it more likely that students of color will be funneled into the criminal justice system. Chalkbeat

STRIKE A strike over teacher pay and bonuses in Denver ended early Thursday as it entered its fourth day. Chalkbeat

KINDERGARTEN New legislation would make kindergarten mandatory in Michigan. The Detroit News

OPINION A newspaper columnist questions why Whitmer would use her State of the State address to push a plan for college scholarships without first figuring out how to improve K-12 schools. An advocate meanwhile questioned her description of school funding declines. The Detroit News The Detroit News

TEACH An education professor calls on Michigan to use a thoughtful process in designing its teacher exams. The Detroit News

SNOW A state senate leader opposes efforts to give school districts additional snow days this year, potentially forcing districts to take days from mid-winter, spring or summer break. Two Michigan districts have already cancelled planned break days.  WTVB WILX WDIV

CHARTER A charter school now looking for a building in the suburbs plans to focus on classical liberal arts instruction. The Collegian

SATURDAY The city of Detroit has launched free Saturday enrichment programs for students in grade K-12. Michigan Chronicle AP

VETS A local veterans group has donated $10,000 to give scholarships to students in Detroit Public Schools. Fox2