Detroit week in review

Week in review: When homework takes longer than everyone would like

Few students – and fewer parents — love doing homework. This week, the Detroit district board began considering a policy that would set limits on how much time students should be expected to spend on homework. Some educators fear that homework performance could actually be a reflection of how much support students get, not their academic ability.

We’re curious about how much homework your students are doing now and how you feel about it. Let us know by filling out this form. Your answers might be the basis of a future story.

In other news, a national report on preschools says that English language learners in Michigan are not getting all the support they need, and the main district board proposed a slow and deliberate process for identifying schools that could be renamed. The earliest any change might start to happen would be this summer.

Finally, our own Erin Einhorn won two awards from the Society of Professional Journalists chapter in Detroit. They include a third-place prize for this piece describing the inner workings of rebuilding the Detroit school district, and a first-place for this story that detailed how the teacher shortage and competition are creating instability in the city’s schools.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the warmer weather predicted for this week. Being survivors of the coldest April in more than 140 years is an accolade we don’t need!

— Julie Topping, Chalkbeat story editor


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