In the contentious race for seats on the Indianapolis Public Schools board, it can be easy to lose sight of the issues. But Chalkbeat has it covered.

With four of the board’s seven seats up for election, voters could shift the balance of power this Tuesday. The current IPS board is dominated by members who largely agree on many of the biggest issues facing the district, including support for partnering with charter schools. But critics of the administration are making a strong push to seize control.

READ: Find more on this year's races for superintendent, governor and IPS school board.
READ: Find more on this year’s races for superintendent, governor and IPS school board.

With just five days to go before Election Day, Chalkbeat put together a guide to help readers compare where candidates stand on some of the important issues in the race.

For more on why each candidate is running, the strengths they say they will bring to the board and their detailed positions on these issues, see our full profiles:

Also, tune in to our live blog on Election Day for highlights from the field and updates on the race as the results trickle in.

This guide can be filtered or sorted by issue, name and seat. The answered are condensed versions of the views in the candidate profiles.

Candidate positions on the issues