Indiana’s ISTEP test is likely on its way out, but before it goes, students will be expected to take it at least a couple more times — so let us help you practice.

Try out a few multiple choice questions below, which come from the Indiana Department of Education in partnership with Pearson, the company the state hired to develop ISTEP. You can visit Pearson’s website for more interactive questions in all subjects for all tested grades.

The first 2017 ISTEP testing window, which includes short-answer and essay questions, began in late February. Schools can begin giving the multiple choice section in mid-April. If you want to learn more about what “technology enhanced” questions look like or try out questions from 2015 and last year, we’ve got you covered there, too.

You can find additional information about the state’s testing program at the Indiana Department of Education’s website, and all of Chalkbeat’s stories on testing here.