Rise & Shine: Indiana House unanimously passed a school safety bill

When I arrived here three years ago, Indianapolis Public Schools was in the first year of a remarkable new approach known as “innovation schools.” At first, the phrase was just one of the many pieces of jargon I needed to learn to cover the district. But it soon became clear how much the schools, which are run in partnership with outside charter and nonprofit managers, could upend the traditional district. And national focus soon settled on the quiet leader implementing the strategy — then-Superintendent Lewis Ferebee.

In the years since, the schools have proliferated in tandem with Ferebee’s growing cache among charter school advocates. And that reputation is likely one reason Ferebee, who left Indianapolis in January, was chosen to lead the Washington, D.C., school system.

Stephanie Wang and I teamed up to take a deeper look at Ferebee’s ambiguous legacy here in Indianapolis. Read on for the details, or pick up today’s copy of the Indianapolis Star for a print edition.

— Dylan Peers McCoy, reporter

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