As schools await news about midyear budget cuts, the Department of Education gave out $5 million in bonuses to high school principals and teachers today.

The $5 million, which is going to teachers and administrators at high schools with good progress report grades, is $3 million less than what was awarded last year to high schools under the DOE’s two bonus programs. Still, it brings the total value of bonuses awarded this year to $38 million, $10 million more than last year. Teachers and principals at high-performing elementary and middle schools got $33 million in bonuses in September.

The bonuses are awarded under two programs: One gives cash bonuses to principals at the top 20 percent of schools, and the other gives a pool of money to UFT members working at designated high-needs schools. A team of teachers and administrators at those schools will decide how to distribute the bonus money.

Here’s the list of high school principals receiving bonuses, including the size of their awards.