Nearly three weeks after state officials announced a dramatic reduction in test scores, city teachers and parents can find out how their students fared.

State test scores for students in grades 3-8 quietly went live today on ARIS, the city’s online school data system, and parents and teachers in district schools can log in to check the scores. (Charter school parents have to call their schools for the information.)

Charter schools have their scores and can decide individually how to share them.

We heard from an Upper East Side middle school teacher who said she eagerly awaited this moment but doesn’t know what she’ll do next. The teacher wrote:

I’m sort of the unofficial news watcher for my grade team, so I put this date on my calendar a few weeks ago when the DOE announced that they’d finally be posting the scores on August 16th. I didn’t get any email from the DOE today, so I’ll bet that a lot of people don’t know about it. I was looking forward to seeing [the scores], especially because of the new grading system and all the news surrounding it of late.

To be honest, though, I’m not sure how I’ll use this information just yet. I obviously won’t be able to reteach anything to these particular kids, so I’m probably going to look at it more as a general measure of my consistency in teaching certain skills as well as how many kids’ test scores were raised, stayed the same, etc.