Curriculum can play a pivotal role in how well students perform in the classroom. But not all curriculum is considered equal, and New York City is taking a close look at whether schools are using materials that are the most effective and evidence-based.

The task is daunting: At a parent forum this week, Chancellor Richard Carranza estimated there are hundreds of different approaches at work across the 1,800 campuses that make up the country’s largest school system.

With so many curricula in use, we want to hear from educators and parents: What are your children learning?

Let us know whether your school has a specific curriculum in place and how you like it (or don’t.) Is there any debate in your school over whether you’re using the most effective curriculum, whether it’s in sync with state standards, or whether it reflects the latest research about how students learn? How should the education department ensure quality, while still giving schools the freedom to choose what works best in their community?

Answer our survey below, and we may use your comments in our future reporting.