It’s been a busy year for New York City schools. With summer break upon us, many of us are reflecting on the biggest lessons, disappointments, and news events of the school year. We want to hear from our readers about what’s made the most impact on them in the 2018-2019 school year. 

This year, the integration debate was a big part of public conversation. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who recently announced a bid for the presidency, saw his proposal to eliminate the test that governs admission into specialized high schools fail in Albany

It was the first full school year for Chancellor Richard Carranza, whose integration- focused agenda have some calling him a divisive figure in the city. 

The city also saw some pre-K teachers wage a fight for pay-parity, and for the first time in years Democrats got control of the state legislature, which changed the political landscape for charter schools in the city. 

Through all our reporting this year, our readers have been an asset and partner, and we want to hear more about what you’ve learned along the way. Share some of your highlights from this year, and we’ll publish a selection of your responses.