Mayor Bill de Blasio hopes to save money next fiscal year by slashing teacher training costs by $31 million. 

Educators are often quick to note there’s no shortage of bad professional development opportunities — but that doesn’t mean they are are cheering New York City’s looming cutbacks. Plenty of others say that training for educators is critical for improving student learning. 

So Chalkbeat wants to hear from the people the mayor’s proposed cuts would affect most: teachers and other educators working in schools.

It’s still unclear what, exactly, is on the chopping block, though we know it won’t be the anti-bias training that has been met with mixed and often polarizing reactions. An education department spokeswoman said the goal is to make training “more efficient and less redundant.”

In the meantime, help us understand the state of professional development in your school, district, or borough. We want to know which training opportunities you could do without, or which you’d like to see more of. Share your stories of boredom or breakthroughs, confusion or enlightenment. 

We want you to be honest, so we won’t publish your name without your permission — but please make sure to leave us your contact information in the survey below so we can follow up.