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Rise & Shine: About that essay claiming the ‘culture war’ has come for NYC schools…

If you were on social media this weekend, chances are you came across George Packer's essay drawing a line from "new progressivism" to policies that played out in his son's Brooklyn elementary school: testing boycotts, gender-neutral bathrooms, and school integration plans.

We have some additional context to keep in mind while reading the essay. Plus, we've got a Q&A with the creators of a new podcast that traces the history of school segregation and parent advocacy in another Brooklyn district: District 16 in Bedford-Stuyvesant.


— Christina Veiga, reporter

CLASSROOM POLITICS Did you read the Atlantic essay from this weekend that claims the “culture war” has embedded itself in New York City schools? We have some context to help you evaluate the some of the piece’s claims. Chalkbeat

SCHOOL COLORS A new podcast traces the history of school segregation in Brooklyn’s District 16, and Chalkbeat will be following as episodes drop. Chalkbeat

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LOCATION, LOCATION An investigation found that a $9 million GPS system meant to track school bus routes for students with disabilities often went unused, so the education department has missed out federal reimbursements. Wall Street Journal

Some of the devices reported locations in California and even off the coast of Africa. New York Post

GRAD RATES The Queens District Attorney is investigating claims that Maspeth High School had an unwritten policy of not failing students, which inflated the school’s graduation rate. New York Post