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Rise & Shine: As government shutdown wears on, concerns grow about potential impact on New York City’s schools

For parents with limited English proficiency, understanding special education plans can be a challenge. Alex reports on the education department’s new pilot program to offer centralized translation services to city schools so they can easily translate the plans for parents.

Eyes and ears will be on Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning as he gives his State of the City address. Like last year, he is expected to focus on topics other than education but will announce an expansion of a program that provides eye exams and eyeglasses to students as well as an accelerated rollout of his 3-K program.

Although the start of a potential teachers’ strike in Los Angeles has been postponed by a judge’s order until next week, Philissa reports that the New York City teachers union is calling on members to wear red today in support of their sisters and brothers on the opposite coast.

And as the government shutdown wears on, its impact is being increasingly felt across the city and could have an effect on schools if the impasse isn’t resolved soon.

--Sara Mosle, NY bureau chief

TRANSLATED The department of education is piloting a program that offers centralized translation services to schools to help decipher special education plans for parents with limited English proficiency. Chalkbeat

STATE OF THE SCHOOLS In his state of the city address this morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce an expansion of a program to provide eye exams and eyeglasses to students and an accelerated roll-out of his 3-K program. Chalkbeat, Politico

SEEING RED The city’s teachers’ union has called on members to wear red today in support of teachers in Los Angeles as they prepare for a potential walkout. Chalkbeat

ON THE HORIZON As the government shutdown shows no signs of ending, some are beginning to worry about the potential impact on city schools. AM New York

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