Rise & Shine: Harvard looks for small-town partners to improve rural education

Good morning! Bill de Blasio has posted a video announcing he’s running for President. In it, he touts his signature Pre-K for All program. But Christina reports that pre-K providers and teachers back home are expressing growing anger over how the city is proposing to pay for many of those pre-K seats and how little some preschool teachers are making.

Also be sure to check out Christina’s story from April on how de Blasio’s education record could help — or hurt — his chances with voters nationally.

Ann Schimke, who works out of Chalkbeat’s Colorado bureau, has a piece on just how valuable pre-K can be. A new study shows that high-quality preschools confer long-term benefits not only on the at-risk children Pre-Ks serve but also on those students’ siblings and eventual offspring.

And at the other end of the school system, Philissa describes how New York has continued to embrace its Regents exams even as most other states are moving away from requiring passing marks on exit exams to graduate high school.

— Sara Mosle, New York bureau chief

HOMETOWN FIX FIRST City pre-K providers and teachers, angry over changes to how preschool may be funded, have a tough message for Mayor de Blasio as he touts the city’s expansion of preschool in his run for President. Chalkbeat, THE CITY

KEEPS GETTING BETTER A new study shows that the benefits of high-quality preschool extends not just to the students it serves but also to their siblings and eventual offspring. Chalkbeat

OUTLIER New York continues to embrace the importance of Regents exams even as other states are abandoning the practice of requiring a passing grade on exit exams to receive a high school diploma. Chalkbeat

RURAL ASSIST Harvard University is looking to partner with 30 rural school districts in New York state (as well as 30 in Ohio) to create school improvement plans that particularly target small-town needs. The Olean Times Herald

BROADWAY BOUND Five hundred students from across the five boroughs performed at the Imperial Theater on Broadway as part of an annual program. Fox 5 NY

TASTE OF YESTERYEAR A local museum has introduced a culinary exhibit to take visitors back to the school lunches of the early 1900s. AM NY

LEGISLATORS’ PLATE Although eyes have recently been focused on proposed admissions changes to the city’s specialized high schools, several other education issues remain on the agenda in Albany. City & State

TAKING THEIR SHOT One legislative proposal would require new teachers to complete EpiPen training for students who suffer a serious allergic reaction. WIVB

DEFINING CHOICE Although some think school “choice” refers solely to a small percentage of charter or voucher schools nationally, in many cities, students and parents enjoy a broad choice of schools, including magnet and other specialized programs. Forbes

NOT JUST US Opinion: The author argues that the city’s ultra-Orthodox community is being unfairly blamed for a measles outbreak that is, in fact, found in many other neighborhoods. New York Daily News

DO AS I SAY… Opinion: From schools to other issues, Mayor de Blasio often touts one approach while pursuing another, an editorial argues. The New York Post