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Rise & Shine: One test to make high school admissions fair?

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In a report by the Brookings Institute, a professor suggests that in order to make the high school admissions process in New York fair, public schools should either use one required exam to assess students, or, if they are intent on using the SHSAT, "could administer it on a school day to all students who score above a given threshold on the universal middle-school tests.” She cites research that shows there is no connection between how well students do academically in college and the exam school they attend. 

In other news, the KIPP charter school network has decided to help train college guidance counselors, and Chancellor Carranza creates controversy as he takes a taxpayer-funded trip to Alaska to discuss new education practices with leaders of other urban school districts.

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ZERO EFFECT A professor from the University of Michigan takes a deeper dive into the specialized high school test, and argues that the city should use a one required test, like the state exams, to determine admissions. If they want to keep the SHSAT, she suggests administering it on a school day to students who have scored above a certain level on the state exams. Brookings Institute

CARRANZA TRIP Chancellor Richard Carranza has decided to travel to Anchorage, Alaska, for an educational conference to meet with other leaders of urban school districts. The unusual trip has sparked criticism from those who believe he should focus locally, while receiving praise from others for his out-of-the-box thinking. NY Daily News

SPEED CAMERAS Along with advocates and members of families who have lost loved ones to traffic accidents, Gov. Cuomo made a last-minute push to persuade the Senate to reconvene and reinstall the speed camera program, which expires in six days. Times Union NY Daily News

COMMON CORE A report suggests that teachers are struggling with how to teach the more-challenging grade-level texts that Common Core requires and are reverting to reading level instead. The 74

KIPP TRAINING The charter school network KIPP is bringing public school guidance counselors from New York City, Newark Public Schools, and Miami Dale County to a summer institute held in San Antonio to learn how to help high school students pick the right college. Chalkbeat