Rise & Shine: Seeing an emerging ‘culture war’ in NYC schools

Happy Monday!

The writer George Packer is out with a long and much-discussed essay about his experience as a New York City public school parent. Packer sees overreach in local schools’ progressive approaches to teaching, learning, and checking privilege. Since it came online, the piece has been widely praised in more conservative circles and criticized in more liberal ones.

In other news, principals in New York State can now ask courts to limit a student’s access to guns. Many states have “red flag” laws, but New York is the first to let school leaders appeal directly to the courts, instead of to local police, if a person is thought to be at extreme risk of self-harm or hurting others. 

-Gabrielle Birkner, Story Editor


P.S. PARENT In his controversial new essay, “When the culture war comes for the kids,” George Packer sees significant ideological changes at New York City schools. The Atlantic

GUN VIOLENCE Thanks to a first-of-its-kind “red flag” law, school leaders in New York State can petition courts to take away a student’s access to weapons. The goal: preventing suicides and school shootings. AP

LIMITS ON VAPING As Gov. Andrew Cuomo tries to ban flavored e-cigarettes, lawmakers across the country say they will pursue legislation to reduce teen vaping. Meanwhile, some New York City principals say the education department isn’t doing enough to combat e-cigarette use. New York Times | Politico | New York Post

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OFFICER ARRESTED An off-duty school officer was arrested for allegedly possessing large quantities of marijuana and counterfeit cash. New York Daily News | Staten Island Advance

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