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Rise & Shine: What Amazon’s departure could mean for schools

First, it was Alberto Carvalho. Then, it was Amazon.

On Thursday, the retail giant announced it wasn't coming to Queens after all — a Valentine's Day breakup that brought up memories of the Miami superintendent's abrupt decision to accept and then reject an offer to move to New York City.

Amazon had plans to build a school in a neighborhood that parents say struggles with overcrowding and to take over an education department building. Here are some questions we're asking about what company's pull out could mean for schools.

The deal's implosion did not overshadow the grim anniversary of the deadly Parkland, Fla. school shooting. While many have responded by beefing up security, a fresh pair of studies finds that police presence in around schools can have downsides for students. Here's what two New York City students say they need to stay safe, instead.

— Christina Veiga, reporter


ABOUT-FACE Amazon has nixed its plans to build a new campus in Long Island City. Will a new school for the neighborhood still get built? What about the education department’s plans to hand over one of its own buildings to the retail giant? Chalkbeat

The company will continue to fund computer science classes in New York City schools. Tech Crunch

POLICE PRESENCE A new study finds black boys in New York City experienced drops in test scores and school attendance after police activity increased in high-crime neighborhoods. Chalkbeat

Two New York City students say they need more adults they can relate to and welcoming school climates in order to feel safe. Chalkbeat

CHARTER PIONEER Carol Reich, who helped launch the charter movement in New York City by opening the Beginning with Children school, has died. New York Times

BILLIONAIRES TAX Bill Gates told New York City students that America’s tax system is “not progressive enough.” CNBC

AFTER PARKLAND A high school senior who survived the Parkland shooting asks how lawmakers and Americans would respond if, instead of gun violence, so many lives were lost to airplane crashes. “It would take hundreds of completely full Boeing 737 flights crashing without survivors to total the number of people who died by guns in America in just 2017. If even a handful of such crashes occurred, the government would declare a national emergency.” New York Times

HIT AND RUN A woman in the Bronx was killed after being hit by a school bus. New York Post

MIXED LOYALTIES A psychiatrist grapples with her duty to her patients and her impulse to keep her own children safe from a school shooting. New York Post