Rise & Shine: Yeshiva investigation stalls, more pre-K classes to open

WAITING GAME Mayor Bill de Blasio has delayed taking on issues, such as an investigation into yeshiva schools, until after the election season. Politico

GROWTH MINDSET A new pre-K site with room for 180 students is set to open on the Upper East Side. DNAinfo

HEAD GAMES As school sports teams start practicing again, athletes face the risk of concussions. NY1

FOSTER STUDENTS Opinion: Private and charter schools can often better serve students who are in the foster care system. New York Post

THE PRIZE Two long-time educators on Staten Island will be presented with the Patrick F. Daly Memorial Award. Staten Island Advance

TUITION BILLS The median private school tuition in Manhattan is more than $44,000, up 23 percent in the last five years. Wall Street Journal

OUT TO LUNCH In New York City and states across the country, steps are being taken to eliminate “lunch shaming” when students can’t afford their meal. The 74

HISTORY LESSON Here is how tax incentive programs grew to fund more students in private schools than vouchers. Chalkbeat