After a New York City elementary school abolished traditional homework for its students last week, the debate over giving take-home assignments to younger children is back in the spotlight. New York Magazine

As 29 states and Washington, D.C., start to administer new Common Core-aligned tests, the big story portrayed by the media seems to be the growing grassroots movement against the tests and imminent collapse of the standards. But reality isn’t as cut and dry. Columbia Journalism Review

Education shouldn’t be an environment that hinders curiosity among children. Rather than testing and discipline, adults can spark creativity by influencing students to question and explore. Salon

After Chicago schools moved away from punishing student misconduct with strict disciplinary action, suspensions in middle and high schools dropped across the board — except for the city’s black students. DNA info

A small network of nine hedge fund billionaires are on the cusp of remaking New York public schools. The Nation

Photo essay: A day in the life of an eighth-grade student attending one of New Jersey’s best-performing charter schools. Politico Magazine

Commentary: One middle school teacher asks her students what they expect from their teachers. The response: Students want to be treated with the expectation that they will succeed, not fail. Center for Teaching Quality