News alert: Sharon Griffin resigns under pressure as leader of Tennessee’s turnaround district

Under growing tension, heralded turnaround leader Sharon Griffin resigns as head of achievement district

A year after Sharon Griffin's rise to chief of Tennessee’s embattled turnaround district drew widespread praise – and after months of tension – Griffin has resigned effective June 28, state officials confirmed Monday.

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This means the Achievement School District will see its fifth leadership change in seven years, and it also marks Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn’s first major change to the charter school district tasked with improving the state's lowest-performing schools.

Amity Schuyler, the Department of Education’s deputy commissioner, told Chalkbeat that the state was grateful for Griffin’s work, but ultimately diverged in visions for how to move the district forward.

“[The resignation stemmed from] tension points around the philosophy of how big the ASD district office should be and what the district office’s interaction was in terms of support with the charters,” Schuyler said.

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