Inside the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s $300 million push to reshape schools

Lifting the veil on education’s newest big donor

How is Mark Zuckerberg using his Facebook fortune to shape schools and education policy? His philanthropy, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, has given away millions to “personalize” learning, reshape teacher training, and diversify the ranks of education leaders. But the full scope of that giving hasn’t been clear.

Now, CZI is putting a number on it: $308 million since January 2016 — enough to vault the organization into the top echelon of education funders.

Who is getting that money? The organization doesn't release all of its grants, so Chalkbeat worked to find out. Our list features over 50 groups and accounts for roughly 45 percent of the money CZI says it has given away.

Together, the numbers offer hints about how broadly CZI may try to extend its philanthropy in the years ahead, as Zuckerberg’s billions position the organization to become even more influential.

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