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New York

In recruiting parents, mayoral control supporters hit snags

PHOTO: Hayleigh ColomboBrooklyn mom blogger Louise Crawford posted Learn NY's statement ##http://onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn.typepad.com/only_the_blog_knows_brook/2009/01/learn-new-york-educational-advocacy.html##on her web site##, but other parents are refusing. Learn NY is ramping up its dogged campaign to bring public school parents on board its effort to preserve mayoral control of the city schools. Its latest technique: asking parent-bloggers to post a canned introductory letter directly to their web sites. The group, which includes a set of four high-profile board members, some anonymous rich donors, and one seasoned political hand, was formed last year as the premier campaign to lobby for mayoral control when it comes up for renewal this spring. (The law could be scrapped, bringing back the old school board, revised, or kept intact.) Part of Learn NY's argument for keeping mayoral control is that, though some very vocal parents loudly criticize the system, a silent majority of non-loud parents support it — or would, if they properly understood what mayoral control is. The blogosphere campaign is part of its effort to find those parents and educate them. An earlier effort involved shooting off an arsenal of e-mails to parent e-mail lists. The campaign is hitting some snags. After e-mails went out to parent list-serves, Leonie Haimson, the executive director of Class Size Matters, denounced the group on the public school parents list serve she runs. Another blogger, David Quintana of Queens, who received an inquiry from Learn NY today, declined the offer and passed it on to press contacts. Quintana's blog includes a clock excitedly counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left in the Bloomberg administration.